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Ich schau immer noch paar mal die Woche vorbei :)

Stevelyn am 06.10.2017 um 12:41:44:
Selbst ich schau immer mal wieder vorbei...sofern die Antwort so'n halbes Jahr später wohl auch keiner mehr liest. ;)



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Doom - The Movie: Neue Infos! -Hier der Auszug:Kino
Posted by Chrissyx – 18.07.2005 – 00:00 Uhr – Kategorie: Kino
The San Diego Comic-Con Doom movie panel is over and, thankfully, it was a worthwhile one. Dumb questions from the audience were down to a minimal (with one exception of a guy who was babbling so badly on the microphone that The Rock said to him "There must be good weed in San Diego";) and we got two clips from the movie itself; the first is the upcoming 90 second teaser trailer that officially reveals that the movie version of id Software’s first person shooter will take place ON MARS rather than an unnamed planet as had been talked about in the past. The teaser trailer had a lot of quick cuts of The Rock; Karl Urban and the rest of the cast along with brief looks at the monsters, the environment (and they look right out of Doom 3, by the way; right down to the computer screens on the base) and battles with the monsters. The second clip is the one that got the most reaction; part of the first person shooter sequence featuring Urban’s character. Yes, the movie will at one point have a viewpoint just like the game, right down to the weapons loading animation. The sequence was, by the producer’s own admission, still incomplete in terms of visual effects and other elements but watching the clip feels like you are watching the game in action, from surprise monster appearance in corridors to shooting parts of the environment to fry the creatures.
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