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m am 07.06.2017 um 23:27:46:
Ich schau immer noch paar mal die Woche vorbei :)

Stevelyn am 06.10.2017 um 12:41:44:
Selbst ich schau immer mal wieder vorbei...sofern die Antwort so'n halbes Jahr später wohl auch keiner mehr liest. ;)

2a02:2450:118a:797:c162:38e0:4d2d:5e0f am 26.04.2018 um 23:55:10:
hab dich durch deine games convention fotos gefunden! danke freut mich echt das man noch was findet.. war ne geile messe :)

jyqmtld am 24.12.2018 um 23:36:23:
JDrlVj <a href="">jyeifhqtzqzo</a>, [url=]ssmbwbwifwxo[/url], [link=]uivfvwfgrhzs[/link],



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Mehr Kinofilme von id Software kommen! -Hier der Auszug:Kino
Posted by Chrissyx – 21.07.2005 – 00:00 Uhr – Kategorie: Kino
IGN: Can you forsee any Quake or Wolfenstein movies to be made in the future?
HOLLENSHEAD: Well, I hope so. Quake is a bit more schizophrenic than the Doom or Wolfenstein properties, just because the story for Quake II and Quake IV are in the same universe, but Quake and Quake III are different from the other two. I do think that the Quake II universe would make excellent grounds for a film. With Wolfenstein, that's a project that we've actually had in development. We've been working with some writers and those sorts of things. It's obviously not as far along as the Doom movie was when it took off after we had the E3 showing in 2002, but I think as we go forward with a lot of those franchises, I mean… you haven't seen the last Wolfenstein game. I don't want to talk too much about when or what the next one's going to be, it's still very much in the drawing board phases, but I think as… my hope is, it's not too dissimilar from Doom III and the Doom movie, where we kinda had the game going on, and the movie really caught fire. So we'll have the same thing with Wolf as well.

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