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C&C1 – Der Tiberiumkonflikt
C&C1 – Der Tiberiumkonflikt
C&C1 – Der Tiberiumkonflikt (SVGA Version) Packshot
Developer:Westwood Studios
Publisher:Virgin Interactive
Original title:C&C1 – Tiberian Dawn
Executive Producer:Brett W. Sperry
Composer:Frank Klepacki
Rating PCG:90% (08/1995)
Newest version:1.20p,
XP Patch
Add-on:Der Ausnahme­zustand
Remaster:Remastered Collection


1995 – It started by a special meteorite shower: It carried the mineral Tiberium; named after the impact site at the river Tiber. Soon after the economic benefit by the Tiberium was recognized. It was a fulfilling prophecy for the Brotherhood of Nod, while the GDI saw a threat for mankind. Nod clamined all Tiberium patches for their own, notwithstanding the effect on humans living in those regions. So it was bound to happen: The First Tiberium War (abbr. TW) happened in 1999. The GDI could win the war in 2002 by deploying advanced tactics and strategy eventually. The final battle lasted for three days and took place in Sarajevo (within the area of the Temple of Nod). That was destroyed and Kane with it, but his body was never found.


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