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DefectiveByDesign.orgI present here my self-programmed stuff, JavaScript and PHP scripts (CHS - Chrissyx Homepage Scripts) as well as Delphi programs (CHP - Chrissyx Homepage Programs), and offer them for free download. I always try to program something innovative and revolutionary which did not exist like that before. Of course all the stuff is DRM-free. I hope you can find something useful anyway:

PHP scripts

Creative Commons License All PHP applications are syntactically and semantically up the current standards and guarantee full compatibility with the common browsers. They are released under the Creative Commons 4.0 by-nc-sa license offering all advantages of a written-warning-free, adapting and sharing usage.

Tritanium Bulletin Board (V1.10.1)

Tritanium Bulletin Board Demo 1

Tritanium Bulletin Board Demo 2

Tritanium Bulletin Board Demo 3

Tritanium Bulletin Board Demo 4

The rough features


Despite the name's indication, the TBB 1.10 mostly arised from my keyboard. As the official successor to the TBB 1.2.3 from 2002 as well as to the versions 1.5 to 1.8 from 2010-2023 the version 1.10 leverages the file-based TBB into the new decade with modern technology and architecture. It features completely valid XHTML, todays forum standards, a simply modifiable design thanks to templates and still being fully compatible to the predecessor as well as to the successor. While the 2.0 continues to be a long time coming, the TBB 1.10 already offers today a lot of the future version's features. PHP 7.4 and Smarty 4.4 as template engine is used; there is still no database like MySQL required. Thus it is still practically everywhere deployable provided that PHP is available.

An up-to-date list with all changes compared to the TBB 1.2.3 can be found at the official GitHub page.

For more information and downloads of other versions, language packs & templates see project page at Tritanium Scripts.

Newsscript (V1.0.7.2)

Newsscript Demo 1

Newsscript Demo 2

Newsscript Demo 3



The newsscript offers a "state of the art" news system with partially innovative features. It provides as aforementioned multilingualism which can be switched by one click anytime and also doing own translations prove to be quite easy. The writing and editing of news posts takes place directly on your own webpage thanks to full integration, each time supported by preview functionality and continous BBCode in headline, text and comments. Regardless of citation, source code, YouTube videos, colors or plain text formatting: Comfortable selecting and formatting of text via BBCode is everywhere supported just like smilies, of which having too many being outsourced to an extra window. Every news can be commented on incl. spam protection by optional CAPTCHAs and classified into categories which can be aligned with a fitting category image. The source management is designed refreshingly new, so that everytime "on the fly" references can be added and removed. Existing list of references is shown space-saving in a small dropdown menu and on selection the desired webpage directly called. Furthermore there is a "Read on" feature to show lengthy news texts only by calling the singe news first, so that the news overview is always displayed tidy and unobstructed at will.
Another highlight is the newsticker having three different execution modes: The lastly written news can be embedded on oneselfs site as linked headlines together with date and e.g. be combined with a forum ticker. The same possibility is provided for other websites wanting to include the news as ticker on their sites. A RSS newsfeed must also not be absent to keep visitors always up-to-date even without visiting the site. The feed is validated with massive data of which the current RSS specification in Version 2.0.10 has to offer. The number of entries can be personalized by the user on the same way like the external embedding, too.
Thanks to its dedicated password-protected administration panel with menu navigation the script's management leaves nothing to be desired. All settings can be changed at any time, no matter if smilies, categories, users or even storage locations of all system files. Additional users can be added with different permissions being news poster or admin having access to this administration, notification and password are generated automatically and dispatched. Added is a small statistic and info view. On the technical side filed-based, cache functionality and valid XHTML code guarantee a performant, uncomplicated and comfortable working.

Shoutbox (V2.1.2)

Shoutbox Demo 1

Shoutbox Demo 2



The multilingual shoutbox is fast, lightweight and user-friendly. Everything is configurable, starting from the number of displayed shouts, number of smilies (even for each row!) up to the storage locations of the internal system files. Archived shouts are being stored separately allowing really fast displaying of the most recent ones and listed in the archive having an optional configured pagination. The box is continuously being kept minimal, i.e. longer links are displayed shorten and also longer words are wrapped by hyphen(s) automatically if needed. Smilies are either maintained by the box itself or utilized from a TBB1 Forum. All settings are accessable within the dedicated admin panel; cached settings are renewed automatically and immediately active after logout.

Counter (V3.2.0)

Counter Demo 1

Counter Demo 2



More than a simple counter, this one has additional features and a multilingual administration panel. Starting there everything is configurable, from the type of output up to storage locations of the internal system files; cached settings are renewed automatically and immediately active after logout. The optional backup possibility can be set to send the current value by email after each certain amount of hits. By using the optional IP blocker the script is operating as a true visitor counter or just as a simple hit counter.

Delphi programs

ShareInfo (V1.1.2.0)

ShareInfo Demo 1

ShareInfo Demo 2



With ShareInfo you can open torrents and inspecting the download closely even before loading a single bit. That way you can determine the torrent for being fake or not. Next to the content also detailed information regarding the download are provided (see screenshot). Additional functions like tracker check or the usual update search are implemented. Next to torrents also eDonkey links can be verified. An online database is queried on this way and the actual link's content displayed with information regarding sources and availability, provided at least one entry was found. Fake protection and detailed download information are here, too. ShareInfo is not only in German, but also available in English and Norwegian.
If you speak a language not yet translated and would like to translate it, please send me an email!!

Zmart Renamer (V1.0.3.0)

Zmart Renamer Demo 1



By downloading stuff from the internet, you mostly end up having a file named after the "warez pattern", i.e. underscores instead of spaces, all lower case, a numbering, no special characters, and so on. If one is committed to files having a "normal" name, e.g. especially for big collections of MP3s (even without ID3 tags) or TV series, it can get quite cumbersome to edit all manually.
Here is where the concept of automated renaming of many files picks up. With Zmart Renamer all these corrections are considerably facilitated - if not even superseded. At first all underscores are transformed to spaces, all words are capitalized and the numbering at the beginning being removed. These basic properties are accompanied by search patterns, which can be customized to your own needs. To continue with MP3s one can e.g. configure to change " vs " into " vs. ". Or from " Vs. " to " vs. ". Or from "%20" to " ". The possibilities are unlimited. For each entry one can define to replace all occurrences within a filename a only the first match (e.g. all underscores to spaces instead of only the very first found one) and whether upper and lower case letters should be considered.
All settings are saved to the registry and Zmart Renamer is running without any additional configuration files as well as without any installation. The program is bundled with a predefined search pattern.
After customizing the pattern, one selects a directory having all the to be renamed files inside and verifies by a PREVIEW the scheduled renaming for being OK! Should this not yet be the case, one can change the patterns and open the folder again. Only if everything is correct, the actual renaming of files is performed. Afterwards another directory can be selected and so on.

Mathe Manager (V1.1.3.0)

Mathe Manager Demo 1



The Mathe Manager is a small math application to facilitate the one or the other homework. Learning matter from class 5 to 13 is covered by the most elementary stuff (see above). More than 50 functions are available, which are continuously being improved and the usual update search is also implemented.


None yet.