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All monsters

Enter the following into console to have fun with all monsters:

Civilian Zombiespawn monster_zombie_civilian
Scientist Zombiespawn monster_zombie_scientist
Maintenance Zombiespawn monster_zombie_maint
Maintenance Zombie 2spawn monster_zombie_maint2
Security Zombie 1spawn monster_zombie_security
Security Zombie 2spawn monster_zombie_security2
Security Zombie Pistolspawn monster_zombie_security_pistol
Security Zombie Shotgunspawn monster_zombie_security_shotgun
Security Zombie Helmetspawn monster_zombie_sec_helm
Fat Zombiespawn monster_zombie_fat
Fat Zombie 2spawn monster_zombie_fat2
Fat Zombie 3spawn monster_zombie_fat3
Fat Zombie rag dollspawn monster_zombie_fat_ragdoll
Morgue Zombiespawn monster_zombie_morgue
Maggotspawn monster_demon_maggot
Maggot 2spawn monster_demon_maggot2
Mancubusspawn monster_demon_mancubus
Sentryspawn monster_sentry1
Bruiserspawn monster_demon_bruiser
Sergeant Zombiespawn monster_zombie_sergant
Commando Zombiespawn monster_zombie_commando
Commando Zombie Chaingunspawn monster_zombie_commando_cgun
Spiritspawn monster_demon_spirit
Crawlerspawn monster_demon_crawler
Horde/Horderspawn monster_demon_horde
Impspawn monster_demon_imp
Lost Soulspawn monster_demon_lostsoul
Revenantspawn monster_demon_revenant
Pinkyspawn monster_demon_pinky
Pinky NSspawn monster_demon_pinkyns
Spectrespawn monster_demon_spectre
Hell Knightspawn monster_demon_hellknight
Baron of Hellspawn monster_demon_baron
Cacodemonspawn monster_demon_cacodemon
Arch-vilespawn monster_demon_archville
Female Scientist 1spawn monster_boss_femalescientist1
Female Scientist 2spawn monster_boss_femalescientist2
Cult Leaderspawn monster_boss_cultleader
Spiderdemonspawn monster_boss_spider
Cyberdemonspawn monster_boss_cyberdemon

All weapons

Enter the following to have an answer for the monsters spawned above:

Flaregive weapon_flare
Fistsgive weapon_fist
Chainsawgive weapon_chainsaw
Pistolgive weapon_pistol
Shotgungive weapon_shotgun
Machine gungive weapon_machinegun
Chain gungive weapon_chaingun
Plasma gungive weapon_plasmagun
Hand grenadegive weapon_handgrenade
Rocket Launchergive weapon_rocketlauncher
BFG 9000give weapon_bfg
Soul Cubegive weapon_soulcube
Ammunitiongive ammo

Some things do not work yet! For more commands take a look at this compilation. (Download of the file to convert demo to clip!)

Doom 3 Beta

This is just the alpha with some additional, inofficial maps! Thus FAKE!