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C&C2 – Alarmstufe Rot
C&C2 – Alarmstufe Rot
C&C2 – Alarmstufe Rot Packshot
Developer:Westwood Studios
Publisher:Virgin Interactive
Code name:C&C0
Original title:C&C: Red Alert
Executive Producer:Brett W. Sperry
Composer:Frank Klepacki
Rating PCG:90% (12/1996)
Newest version:1.08PE
Add-ons:Gegenangriff, Vergeltungsschlag
Remaster:Remastered Collection


1946 – the Second World War has just ended, as Einstein travels back into the past with his Chronosphere to prevent this war. He removes Adolf Hitler by handshake from the space-time structure before rising to power and creates a new parallel universe on this way: C&C. The success lasted not long in this timeline: Not the Nazis, but Stalin (Soviets) desires to conquer the world. Europe and America got together (Allies) to defend against the advance of the Soviet Union during the 1950s. Luck was on Allies side and fought the Soviets back; Stalin died in doing so.